Cry sis

For anyone interested, I have finally finished this thing. If you want a copy, leave a comment or send me an email [recordingsurface at] and I’ll send it along. Maybe now I will start posting here with more regularity. Maybe. UPDATE: or just read it here.

Interestingly, while I was finishing the article, the financial crisis (cry sister)seemed to reach its apogee. Interesting to me because part of the argument I made in it was that, contra most histories otherwise, what’s called neoliberalism arose from 1968 as much as it did from 1979. Now, last week was said, even by those who were hoping for its death, to prove that 2008 spelled the end of neoliberalism while erasing 1999’s role and praying for more regulation.

But more about that later. In the meantime, it’s John Coltrane’s birthday. Here are some clips that you might like.

“Impressions,” with Eric Dolphy:

With Stan Getz on Monk’s “Hackensack”:

And the haunting “Alabama”:


4 thoughts on “Cry sis

  1. I’m interested in the piece on Omar but (late to the party), I’ve only seen season one of The Wire so far. If the paper ruins what comes ahead for me, then don’t send it me… ;)

  2. I have recently become a fan of the wire…and ‘am up to season 3 for my second, more considered, reading of the series. A paper on Omar would fit nicely into such an exercise. So, if the offer is open to strangers as well, please send me the paper…i promise to say something about it (even if just a few words).

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