Cold war redux

While it might be overstating it to say that the Anglo-American response to the bloodletting in the Caucasus is one of glee, there certainly seems to be sense of satisfaction at the reappearance of a comfort zone. Robert Kagan has even declared the resumption of history, by which he means the perceived return to a two-power world, replete with satellites, client states, and the like. The left mostly agrees. Lenin and the ISO have been all over this, proclaiming the return of geopolitics and inter-imperialist rivalry as the terrain of politics. Even progressives have gotten into the act, with fears about resource wars and the like and, of course, offering advice to Obama. So while Lenin may insist on not supporting Putin and Russia, that doesn’t mean there’s not excitement and relief all around at the reemergence of a bipolar world and the return of the cold war categories.


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