News and notes

Famous Names edition:

*A certain Slovenian intellectual has a piece up at an Important Intellectual Journal. Apparently, a bunch of people think it’s worth linking to and discussing. I won’t do either. Musing on its importance and chastising its idiocy, both are too Oedipal for me. I refuse. It’s all too silly and shows too much regard for authority.

*One hundred and fifty years ago this month, Marx wrote the wonderful beginning to the Chapter on Capital, though he actually called those eleven pages the Chapter on Money as Capital. I really like those pages, and even used them to write this, which is inadequate but will have to do for now. Last month was the 150th anniversary of Marx’s writing of the luminous Chapter on Money. And next month will be the 150th anniversary of his writing of the majestic sections on the original accumulation of capital. And January is the 150th anniversary of his writing the suggestive fragment on machines. And you get the idea.

*I just wanted to say one thing that about that piece by the noted Slovenian Lacanian. Isn’t his muscular plea for the muscular grabbing of the state’s reins advocating, like Critchley’s infinite demanding, a politics that remains trapped within in the endless cycle of repression-resistance?

*Some very big academic names have gotten bloggy. Immanent Frame is ostensibly around to discuss secularism and Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age. One of the participants is Wendy Brown, who of course I dig very much and whose post is an excellent read. I like that even big-time writers start blog comments with phrases like “nice post.”

*Just one more thing about that Lenin-loving public intellectual. Why, instead of insisting on more “subversion” and on redefining what is “truly” subversive, doesn’t he recognize the desperation behind such a posture? Why, in other words, doesn’t he see what Paolo Virno called the “gloomy dialectic between acquiescence and ‘transgression”?

*I’m going to see the Evens this evening. I’m very excited. I’ve never seen them, and I haven’t seen Ian Mackaye perform since 1993(!?). But the most exciting thing is that I’m taking one of my kids, the seven-year-old. I’ve been wanting to take him to a show for a long time, and this is the perfect opportunity: it’s taking place outdoors and early and likely won’t be very loud. I hope he likes it and that there aren’t too many jackasses there, as there used to be at Fugazi shows, unfortunately. I’ll be sad if he has a bad first-ever show.

*Okay, just one more thing about that Stalin-admiring writer. Why does he think it is remotely desirable to adopt a slightly modified Third Way politics? And why do some people get so worked up about everything this guy writes? It’s pathological.


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