Eight is enough

Nate has tagged me with an eight-things-about-yourself meme. I’ve been tagged in the past, but a combination of laziness and antisocialism (heh) have prevented me from responding before, and almost certainly will again. Here goes:

1. In addition to having really healthy teeth — I’ve never had a cavity, a bridge, a crown, braces, teeth pulled, any of that — my hair grows very fast and thick. I keep my head hair short, but I’ve been letting the goatee part of my beard — actually, not a full beard; I think it’s called a vandyke — grow. It’s now down to the top of my sternum. I like the idea of having a long face, like those tree creatures in one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

2. At our house, we have two dogs, two cats, and five chickens. One of the dogs and both of the cats adopted us. I love cats. Dogs I’m more ambivalent about — something about their subservience and loyalty bothers me; Oedipal animals, as D&G said. The chickens provide yummy yummy eggs.

3. Like Nate, my beloved partner has six tattoos. Three of them are fauna-related, one of them is flora-related, one is a number, and the other is an image of Virginia Woolf.

4. Even though I was only there one time, and for only five days, the town of Guanajuato, Mexico, often seems like the greatest place in the world to me.

5. I was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic schools. There was a period in high school when I hated all my peers and used my religion to denounce, in many lost stories, poems, and diaries, their immorality, especially their constant drinking and nascent sexual explorations. It was a dark period in my life. During this time I also really admired Lenin.

6. Since my parents were Midwestern and working class, I was afforded the opportunity to work many crappy jobs supporting myself through college (and supplementing in high school): detassler, beanwalker, jack-of-all-trades at two fast-food restaurants, paper carrier, tree trimmer, “landscape engineer” (mower), maid, dishwasher, and market researcher, to name some of the more long-term ones. It’s hard to pick a worst from the bunch, but I’d have to say dishwasher was the best. Not only do you not have to concentrate much on the job, allowing time for thinking, but it’s pretty easy to duck out behind the restaurant to, um, catch some air between wash cycles.

7. I have two beautiful, incredible children. I could go on for days about their wonderfulness (and about how much I worry about them), but I’ll limit myself to a perhaps inane fact: one of them was born on September 5, which is the same day as a great odd couple: John Cage and Bob Newhart. Weirdly, even though he’s not yet seven, he seems to be nearly an amalgam of them, which makes me very happy.

8. I bought my first piece of music at the age of seven, in the summer of ’76. Not sure where I got the money, but I rode my bike down to the Woolworths and purchased Glenn Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” 45. The last piece of music I purchased was either by Alias or the Mountain Goats. I currently can’t get Why?’s Elephant Eyelash and a half dozen or so Bix Biederbecke songs out of my head.

I’m not going to pass this thing on to anyone, even though I’m supposed to. Mathematically speaking, it’s got to die at some point, right? Might as well kill it while it’s in its prime. Better to burn out than fade away and all that.


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