On the road

We have been traveling for a week, thus no posts, and will be for another week or so, thus no posting in that time, probably. But I’ve got pictures. These are all from from the Panhandle of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon mostly, but also one from the Cadillac Ranch, which is not the kitsch paradise I thought it would be. It’s actually kind of cool, more anarchic than democratic.

The last two days have been in New Mexico, where I’ve never been before. It’s ridiculously beautiful. The mountains, forests, and plains north of Santa Fe are the most stunning I’ve seen anywhere, outside perhaps Washington state and British Columbia.

Anyway, pictures. Keep in mind that I’m a terrible photographer.

This was the view from our front porch (i.e., outside our tent) in Palo Duro:

palo front

And the back porch:

palo back

Another piece of rock spotted out on a hike:

palo hike

A visitor to our home (one of many; I didn’t get pictures of the roadrunners, rabbits, or turkeys, or the coyotes we heard frequently):

palo spider

And the cadillacs:



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