While I work on a post that contains actual content that could be said to come from the actual head-fingers matrix that could be said to belong to “me,” some links to things that are, or seem to be, worth reading:

*The new issue of Mute is out; its subject is Web 2.0 and “uncovers the work in social networking and the centralisation of the means of sharing.” The articles on “infoenclosures” by Dmytri Kleiner & Brian Wyrick and “social softwar” by Angela Mitropoulos are particularly good.

*Mr. Virno goes to Buenos Aires.

*I haven’t yet read any of it, but the new journal Affinities looks promising.

*Down with dialectics!

*There’s also a new number of Borderlands out. As always, it takes me awhile to get through its articles, but I’m liking Jason Adams’s essay. Particularly, this paragraph that touches on some things I’m trying to write about at the moment:

If the bordertowns themselves see no cause for alarm, perhaps the rhetoric of ’emergency’ is not only being directed at immigrants themselves, but is instead part of a much larger political agenda that happens to require such a discourse, one whose primary directive is to render a ‘community without identity’ impossible. Indeed, in the contemporary epoch of global deterritorialization (defined most succinctly as the triumph of time over space), the defining lines of the ‘citizen’, the ‘immigrant’ and the ‘indigenous’ are becoming increasingly indiscernible. And when the experience of statelessness – described by Hannah Arendt in the aftermath of the Second World War as the harbinger of the totalitarian (Arendt, 1973) – begins to spread to worldwide dimensions, it is not only the end that was the object of her attention that becomes possible, but also that of a politics that is ‘without end’.


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