Things I’ve read recently:

The Commoner‘s new(ish) Editor’s Blog has a report on Mario Tronti’s talk at the Historical Materialism conference, though it’s really more of a critique of the messianism in some theories of the multitude. And speaking of an “emphasis on processes rather than mainly on goals,” Zapagringo notes the one-year anniversary of the forming of Regeneracion, a “revolutionary childcare” organization in New York City. And speaking of commons, Anne Nimus has a fine article about copyrights and how the Creative Commons repeats Romanticism: “In an uncanny repetition of the copyright struggles that first emerged during the period of Romanticism, the excesses of the capitalist form of intellectual property are opposed, but using its own language and presuppositions. Creative Commons preserves Romanticism’s ideas of originality, creativity and property rights, and similarly considers “free culture” to be a separate sphere existing in splendid isolation from the world of material production. Ever since the 18th century, the ideas of “creativity” and “originality” have been inextricably linked to an anti-commons of knowledge. Creative Commons is no exception.” (via nettime)

Meanwhile, Blair and Howard have had it with migrants and their ways (via here and here, respectively).


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