In October they subtract another hour

I know the source is dubious at best, and yes there’s the whole the fungibility and randomness of clocks thing, but I still like this:

The Clock Denationalized (Temporarily)

How wonderful for an early riser to have the former War Savings Time ended, at least for a while, and the clock returned to normal. This totalitarian intervention began in 1917 for Wilson’s war. Thanks to popular opposition, Congress repealed it in 1919 over Woodrow’s veto, but as you might guess, FDR brought it back for his war, and today, we think nothing of the leviathan state handing down its time edict twice a year.

Reasons of war and state aside, as someone who loves the night, “standard time” feels much better to me. Something about being enclosed in darkness earlier feels both safer and more adventurous, anonymous and open to experimentation.


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