Somehow, I beat the rabble to the univerity library I have access to–but don’t accuse me or my blog of being (an) academic!–and was able to be the first to borrow Wendy Brown’s new book, Regulating Aversion: Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire (chapter 1 here). I’m very excited, as I heard her give a talk on this a few years ago–well, half heard her from the hallway as I tried to convince a one and a half year old to content himself with paper clips and string and to not let out any screams that would disrupt the talk–and was impressed. At the time I thought that an exploration of tolerance was needed, as Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” is a little yellow (though still excellent, of course) and because tolerance seems a more apt subject today than Zizek’s fulminations on multiculturalism.

Anyway, I haven’t started it yet, but some of the chapter titles sound promising:

Tolerance as a Discourse of Depoliticization

Tolerance as Governmentality
Faltering Universalism, State Legitimacy, and State Violence

Subjects of Tolerance
Why We Are Civilized and They Are the Barbarians


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