Excuse me

…while I try to not throw up.


7 thoughts on “Excuse me

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  2. I had that reaction when I read the “you might be considered” as an exception if you don’t have all the credentials. But, since Henry has fewer requirements on Crooked Timber, I thought maybe there was some sort of, I dunno, ethical reasons since there is a code of conduct you’re expected to uphold, just as attorneys can’t send you to someone who is a really great attorney except he didn’t pass the bar or a doctor can’t send you to a real great underground doctor who never got the MD.

    Yeah. I’m a tool. :)

    Oh the other hand, the interesting thing would be to open it up as a Wiki, where anyone is allowed to nominate themselves or others. In that case, how many non-academics would actually want to be considered academic blogs?

    I mean, it’s not like you’re going to climb in the rankings or get a huge audience if you’re considered an “academic blogger.”

    heh. the irony.

  3. You know, I was thinking: I’ve always considered Long Sunday a place where people congregate who’d never *sniff* deign to visit my blog much. I’m not one to think too quickly that others might think I’m lesser than in terms of intellect, but that site does give me that vibe, unfortunately. I wonder what it is that gives off that vibe? All of which is to say, even among those who stand outside the formal, credentialed arena of academia it does seem inevitable that mechanisms of distinction are bound to arise nonetheless. E.g., in this case, the distinction is probably more antipathy toward the social sciences or lack the proper critique of capitalism and canonical texts? Is that more legit? Dunno enough about them so it’s just speculatin on the nature of a more informal mechanism of distinction.

  4. oh, and yeah, because I was remembering a comment you’d made at A’s blog, something about being annoyed by the academic/non-academic distinction, too. It was on the thread from July, I think, about private/semi-private spaces — if memory serves.

  5. LS does seem to have an air, an image, of distinction, but I’m not sure it’s a hostility to the social sciences or that it exhibits a sense of orthodoxy, as they all make use of the social sciences and the critiques of capitalism are pretty eclectic. For what it’s worth, I think most of the LS contributors are academics. I completely agree though about the possibilities of “informal mechanisms of distinction.” That’s a great phrase. For some reason I’m wanting to refer to this in terms of the border— or at least as border debates play out currently in the U.S.— where the more vigorous defenses of the essentialness of the border appear at places most removed from the physical border…. Not sure that makes sense. I am very tired.

  6. Well hey, I sometimes read you, and Eric’s recommendation is plenty good enough for me. Feel free to start a conversation with LS anytime!

  7. I’d be keen to hear y’all extend the concept of informal mechanisms of distinction and do some work with it. That sounds really interesting and useful.

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