Frontier news

If you’re the type that’s easily bored and want to do some pro bono work for the state, Texas governor Rick Perry has created a recreational activity for you:

Gov. Rick Perry vowed Thursday to counter rising border violence, drug activity and illegal migrant crossings by placing a “virtual” wall of Web cameras on ranch land in South Texas.

Armed with a night-vision capacity, hundreds of cameras will feed images to a state Web site on a 24-hour basis, allowing anyone to watch for illegal activity. […]

Perry said citizens could file reports via a toll-free number, with law enforcement officers ready to respond. He said the cameras, paid for with money from his office, would be used on farms and ranchland “directly on the border” but not in neighborhoods and urban areas.

In related news, the nominally private-sector militia the Minutemen, who like Perry are sick of the federal government’s dithering, have begun building a wall in the desert:

Meanwhile, a group of US civilian volunteers that has been patrolling the Mexican border began last week building a fence along a section of the frontier.

The Minutemen group started erecting the fence on privately-owned land in Arizona on Saturday, saying it is “doing the job the federal government will not do”.

The Minutemen are allowed to report illegal crossings to border police but have no right to arrest suspects.


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