Hiatus interruptus

Four weeks after my last post to the blog, I think I’m finally ready to break my silence. Sorry, dear readers, for the long, unannounced pause, but a brutal workload combined with familial health problems forced other priorities on me. I hope to have some new postings in the next few days, including one I promised in honor of Marx’s birthday, which was almost two weeks ago.

Speaking of which, following is some of what I dug during my break: Archive’s and Pinocchio Theory’s posts on Marx, as well as Nate’s birthday present to Old Whiskers, a translation of choice sections from Virno’s Il ricordo del presente, a yummy treat for us monolinguals. Commie Curmudgeon noted Marx’s birthday, but also wrote great posts on, to describe them narrowly and reductively, the streets of lower Manhattan and the politics of housesharing.

Perhaps because I needed an escape, music-related things occupied my reading time (the soundtrack to which included Monk/Coltrane at Carnegie Hall, Sonic Youth, Why?, Gould’s first take on the Goldberg Variations, and Blackalicious): K-Punk on the Fall, Straight No Chaser on Miles month, and Mountain*7 on Jim O’Rourke, postrock, Archie Shepp, and Albert Ayler.

See you soon.


3 thoughts on “Hiatus interruptus

  1. Nice to have you back in the blogdimension Eric. Sorry to hear about the illness, that sucks. Thanks as well for the props. I hope to have the Mezzadra excerpts done middle of next week, part two of my belated bday gift to uncle KM.
    take care,

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