Catching up

Some things I’ve been reading after a long weekend away from the computer:

Going Somewhere? has a post about nonprofits, underground networks vs. formalized communities, and Miranda Joseph’s book Against the Romance of Community, which sounds excellent. The proprietor worries, rightly methinks, that groups attempting to seek recognition as “communities” necessarily turn into entities that themselves confer recognition and legitimacy: “we’ll become immersed in policing the boundaries of whom we represent, and where we fit.”

On how nonprofits act as supplement/complement to profit-making capital, this quote from Joseph’s book: “nonprofits might be seen as a site of reproduction that supports for-profit production in much the way women’s domestic labor has done.”

Immanent Multiplicity outlines the “deflation of childhood self-imagination.” Problematic, but lovely nonetheless.

Le Colonel Chabert nicely grills Adorno’s chin-rubbing patience, and then the comments section devolves into smart people talking, um, not very smartly. As much as I love a good lambasting of Adorno, the teleology one commenter spots in the good Colonel’s analysis that “Auschwitz is the goal of the current order” and of the “Auschwitzation of the globe” replicates the strictures in Adorno’s Holocaust-addled mind that led to his retreat into petit bourgeoisie withdrawal and contemplation.

In a similar vein, Nate muses on what in the hell a noble lie is.

The ever acerbic Angry Arab informs us of the kickoff of Sen. Clinton’s reelection campaign.

And in the most meaningful vote you may cast all year, Bitch l Lab seeks input on which image to use for blog reader. I picked the birdie one, but I’m a sucker for unambigious gestures.

Oh, and I’ve been rereading George Caffentzis’s pre-Iraq war articles, collected here as a book called No Blood for Oil.


3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. LOL. “the most meaningful vote”. thansk for helping out. and THANSK gobs for pointing me at that hodge podge of links.

    I’m still pondering the TX populism thing. I don’t listen to/read either of them enough to get what you mean. I hear Hightower daily and while I often get roped into the schtick, he always has this upbeat, chipper message at the end. Or something. It’s the way his voice kind of tilts upward in some weird attempt to get everyone doing something, anything. It’s like listening to a Paul Harvey spot for one of the show’s advertisers.

    Well, I’m back out into blogiliciousville, doing my weekly surfing from blog-to-blog.

    OH! and the googad needs clicking: Florida is at risk, it says.

  2. Yeah, I was afraid I was being provincial by focusing on them. But they are around me; can’t escape them if you read Texas newspapers. Hightower and Ivins are pretty acceptable figures with not terribly interesting politics, but at least they can be entertaining. Jensen is a self-described radical, but his Chomskyan uberrationalism is pretty grating. He also manages to be pedantic, moralistic, and boring at the same time; quite an accomplishment.

    Jim Hightower=Paul Harvey. I like that.

  3. I wouldn’t say it was provincial. Aren’t both Ivins and HIghtower people a lot of Liberals, progressives look to and read? They’re carried on prog radio. Ivins’ columns get quoted a lot. Common Dreams. etc.? It was more that I don’t bother to read them. I’ve never got into reading The Nation, etc. I should but I could never deal with them. Always felt like there was a ideological line I was being asked not to cross. Hard to explain.

    Oh! I see your ads want me to buy military monitors. how can i resist?! heh, and there is some site out there called asking about whether shrubya should step down. :) I love analyzing the logic behind googad placements, wondering which keywords they’re buying!

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