Ghouls and zombies

I suppose I’d be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn’t weigh in on The Scandal inflicting the Bush regime. I mean, something like 18 million other bloggers have, right?

Very well, then, I’m happy to be remiss. If my recalcitrance leaves you thirsting for something, anything, you could do worse than start, and end, at Dennis Perrin’s blog. He has a series of posts on the whole affair. I like this one, in which he wraps up his Halloween greeting on this succulent note:

What’s happening is not a People’s Crusade but a ruling order row. Cheney and his minions overstepped, and now it appears that they will pay. But remember that this is all played out over our heads, without our input, in places we’ll never see. Root for Fitz all you wish, but understand that you are merely spectators to a systemic cleansing ritual. The ghouls are trying to reestablish the unholy balance that the zombies hoped to destroy.


One thought on “Ghouls and zombies

  1. I’ve some jabberings on this. I’m addicted. I need to stop. This is bad. I’m upset with you for pointing me at Ange’s blog and now I have my own. They are quite cool for recording. And it just occured to me what a great damn name for a blog is yours: recording surface.

    You rock!

    The Bitch

    Bitch | Lab
    Wonkette with ‘tude!

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